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timdog New Member
New Member

Error Code on 8560

I started to get the error 08, 025.41:1041 last night. I restarted the printer and it went away and then today it had a paper jam error, then when I opened and checked everything, it gave the error again. Any ideas of what it is and if I need to call a service person.




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cwarren New Member
New Member

Re: Error Code on 8560

I am having a similar error code, and could not find any support for what is causing the issue. It happened over the holidays and may be from the printer sitting idle.


Error code:







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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Error Code on 8560

you need to call  technician to fix this issue , this is what i can find related for those error codes :


Back-channel traces from Manufacturing implicate a media path motor stall when coming out of sleep mode.

=> Replace the Media Path Drive Assembly



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