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Error Code on my phaser 8550

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I am getting error code: 37,016.43:39224 on my phaser 8550 that also says service needed. What is causing this error?

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Error Code on my phaser 8550

It's a hardware fault, and not the kind of thing most would be comfortable fixing. But to answer your question and to summarise the fix.


Fault 37,016.43 on Phaser 8550

PEST - Head maintenance clutch disconnect. The head maintenance clutch is not drawing the expected power from the supply.
1. Run the Head Maintenance Clutch test.
2. Check the Head Maintenance Clutch wiring.
3. Disconnect the Wave Amp signal cable from the left
side of the Electronics Module. If the error code changes, replace the Wave Amp.
4. Replace the head maintenance clutch.
As for the rest of the fault code, the last set of numbers <39224> isn't needed for a lookup, it is the total impressions done by the machine at the time the fault occurred.
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Joe Arseneau
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