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Error Codes - 016-402 & 016-781

Product Name: VersaLink® C405 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


I can't find info on error codes.  Is there a manual for them somewhere?  I've looked through User Guide and Administrator Guide, which are very vague about things, seem rather generic, so not finding enough info there to get up and running.  

I'm currently getting 016-781 trying to use the scan function.  Now am getting 016-402 which shows up when the printer is turned on.  

Had been fiddling with connectivity settings to try to get scan to work.  Accidentally hit Reset (which had no confirm alert) and now I can't even print.  

The printer is connected through Wifi and says it is linked.  I can use the online control panel for the printer.  



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mb2 New Member
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Re: Error Codes - 016-402 & 016-781


I found a place to look up codes in the Support tab under printer support & downloads.


The info for 402 error didn't say much.  Just to turn the printer off and on which I had done many times.  Like I said, very vague info is available.  

But it mentioned 802.1x and I remembered I had turned that on trying to get things to work.  So when I turned it off again, the message has disappeared.  


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