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Re: Error message Solution?

not all fault codes are listed, you have to call support for this


here is some info for your fautl code:


Printer Error 9,005.4x MessageCause:

Ink Loader: Ink Melters and printhead ink level sensors; This fault code indicates a problem with the ink load sub-system. The cyan ink melt heater is on, but ink does not seem to be dripping.

1. Ensure the ink is Xerox branded ink. 
2. Check that the ink sticks are able to advance in the ink chutes properly. 
3. Run the appropriate ink melt # heaters test.

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Error message Solution?

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Is there a data base of typical error messages? I refilled the wax in my Phaser 8560 today, then got a ink jam message and then an error message.


Can anyone steer me to a solution? It's just running and running and I've tried to restart it, etc. with no help. It just keeps coming back.


Thanks in advance!

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