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Finisher on Color 560 not folding the correct fold

I'm attempting a 4/4 8.5"x11" trifold project on my Color 560. I run everything through the Fiery software on my Mac OS 10.11.3, and tell it to make a trifold. It comes out as a Z fold, but it's not even a correct Z fold. The second fold leaves the back edge with an inch and a half of paper outside the folded area (not folded symmetrically).The settings in Fiery have been triple checked and are correct. I don't know what to do to even begin to fix this. I've tried different papers/weights which had no effect.


We ran a job similar to this last week, with no issues. I don't know what has changed. Same settings.





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Re: Finisher on Color 560 not folding the correct fold

After it is printed, does it still show tri-fold in the properties of the job when it hits the printed queue in CWS5?

I have never heard of getting a Z-fold half sheet in place of a tri-fold, this is a first.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.52.14 PM (Small).png



If copies do the same, I would think you could just adjust the fold via Machine Status > Tools > System settings > Common Service settings > Maintenance > Finisher Adjustment > Adjust Fold Position




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