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Re: Firmware Update hung at 90%, computer's spool shows job restarting

Hi Casey DiGennaro,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the instructions for downloading the firmware.  I would suggest you please consider contacting your support centre to find out what to do if it is still hanging at 90%.  .

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Firmware Update hung at 90%, computer's spool shows job restarting

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I was directed by Xerox tech support to update my firmware since I was experiencing color alignment issues. I used the OPB file downloader to send the fireware update to the computer. The printer's display quickly counted up to 90% then hung there. I waited an hour then called Xerox tech support. I spoke to Andrea who told me that sometime these firmware updates take a few hours and I should just wait. I left the printer with this "download 90% do not interupt" message over the weekend but today, Monday, the printer still displays download 90%. I cannot cancel the update with any of the key commands and I do not want to power the system down and ruin the system because it might be between versions when I start it back up.

Today, I walked through the whole process I did on Friday just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I noticed the OPB file downloader states that the file will be spooled in the windows printer queue. So I opened the windows printer queue and the job is still there with a status of restarting and a size of 512KB/61MB so it appears the firmware did not send properly.

What should I do next?

I included a screen shot of the printer queue for clarification.printer.jpg

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