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Re: Firmware update

Hello jbeverid,

I have searched our Support Page and found some articles on the Firmware Upgrade procedures that may help you:

How To Upgrade the Firmware (Software) Using the Xeroxfwup Utility

How To Enable or Disable the Software (Firmware) Upgrade Option From the Control Panel or CentreWare...


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New Member

Firmware update

Product Name: WorkCentre 6605
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I'm trying to update the firware on our WorkCentre 6605DN. I've gotten the link for the firmware update from here:

However there no directions for installing the firmware update either in the download itself nor in any of the manuals. It just mentions in the manual how to enable "Software Download" on the printer and that's it.

So I downloaded the firmware update from the website and when I launch "Xeroxfwup.exe" I assume I'm supposed to select the printer from the list that I want to send the firmware update to however it never detects any network printers. I've tried putting in the SNMP community string and the printer IP and it always returns "Printer update failed. Check printer connection". This is depite the fact that the printer IS installed on the computer and I can ping the printer without an issue. 

Does the computer I'm sending the update from HAVE to be on the same subnet as the printer? Also do I have to have the printer installed via a print server vs printing directly to the IP?

I've also noticed from the forum a firmware update was sent to someone that is NEWER than the update listed when I go through the website normally (by selecting my printer model). Should I be using this firmware update instead? Not sure why this one isn't listed at the normal location for WorkCentre 6605DN downloads. The link is below.

Any help is much appreciated.

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