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Joe Arseneau
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Re: FreeFlow Print Server problems

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You can't download it, it comes on disks with the system, even Xerox techs can't download them, they need to be ordered if misplaced.


They may not be needed though.

Shut the FFPS off completely, at boot, wait for the blueish screen and as soon as it displays hit the down arrow on the keyboard. It should stop the timer and give you ample time to choose the Auto repair boot option from the list. Once it begins, walk away, grab a coffee, and don't touch it until it boots up to Solaris.


Try again, hopefully it will be fine at that point. But if not...


"Fault code c03-220 indicates that the system booted into the windowing system, 
but the xerox application failed to appear or to completely initialize. One or 
more of the xerox system configuration files (for example: server.config, 
printSvc.config or printerCall.config) located in the directory 
/opt/XRXnps/configurations is missing, damaged, or missing necessary 

You should also be able to launch Terminal from the Right-click menu at the point where the fault displays, if so, do an su and run the FSCK -y command to see if it can fix the drive/ restore the missing files.


Also check the Recycle bin/ Trash in case someone accidentally deleted the files needed from the /opt/XRXnps/configurations directory (for example: server.config, printSvc.config or printerCall.config)


If none of that works, it will need to be reloaded, sadly, if you can't find the disks, it would require a Xerox tech visit, and a lot of time (Tech would need to order the disks, load the system, get the license files from the Licensing teams, install the licenses etc etc)



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Joe Arseneau
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FreeFlow Print Server problems

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I have a Xerox docucolor 252 with a FreeFlow Print Server.


Yesterday, when I start the copier and Print Server, I received this messages:






Could you teel me how can I download and reinstall FreeFlow Print Server on this machine?


Thank You!

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