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Re: HTTPS no longer works. No access to interface

Got it.


Resetting the network controller in expert mode helped.


The only remaining issue I have now is Scan to Email which seems not working.

I get the error message


SMTP Transfer Report:

Job status: FAILED One or more of the addresses are invalid. No messages were sent.

- - -

The addresses are valid and the test emails out of the web interface of the printer do work.


Anyone any iDeas?



Black Baron

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HTTPS no longer works. No access to interface

Product Name: WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra



I can no longer access the web interface via HTTPS nor HTTP by entering the printer's IP address.

What can I do? I added the Xerox certificate to Safari to allow the site to be accessed but it no longer

works. I only see "This Connection Is Not Private" after adding the exception.


Scan to Email no longer works. The printer now says with a piep tone "Enter a valid email address".

The allowed email addresses are set up correctly in the printer's address book and the allowed domains

are all set up correctly.


I could solve the prior printer error message "Printer in Non-Customer mode" by myself. That has been



- Workflow scan to SFTP = works

- Scan to Email = fails

- Access to web interface by entering IP = fails (ad blocker is disabled and cookies and browser cache deleted)


Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.51.10.png



Black Baron

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