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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: How Do I Replace M20i Bypass Tray?

Hey Alan,


See these knobs are not notched?



That means if you get your fingers in here (above) and squeeze you can just unhinge the tray from the printer.




The remaining anchor points (the arms) will release when you rotate the tray so that the keyed bits align to allow them to separate (below)




I can't get a shot of the other side of those arms because I am not going to risk breaking my Bosses personal printer in any way to score Internet points on a forum, it's an old printer and I don't know how brittle the plastic has become. ;-)

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Joe Arseneau
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Frequent Member

How Do I Replace M20i Bypass Tray?

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I have a used M20i that is missing the bypass tray. I have another M20I that I use for parts. How do I take the bypass tray off of one machine and install it on the other?. There are two doohickeys (screws, buttons, posts) that the bypass tray arms slide on by I don't see how to get them off.





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