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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: How do I turn off Sleep/PowerSaver Mode on my ColorQube 8580?

Not so simple as on or off. You probably want to use scheduled, but have a look at your options

You can set the Power Saver mode at the control panel.

Printer Setup > Printer Controls > OK > Warm-up Mode > OK

. Select an option.
Intelligent Ready causes the printer to wake and sleep based on previous usage patterns.
Job Activated causes the printer to wake when it detects activity.
Scheduled causes the printer to wake and sleep according to a schedule you specify.

Enabling Fast Resume Mode
Fast Resume mode overrides the default power saver timeouts and increases energy usage. To bring the
printer out of power saving and standby modes more quickly, you can use Fast Resume.

Printer Setup > OK > Printer Controls > OK > Fast Resume > OK


It all comes down to Energy Saver certification, if you can shut it off, you don't get certification.

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Joe Arseneau
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How do I turn off Sleep/PowerSaver Mode on my ColorQube 8580?

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My ColorCube 8580 does not have the option to turn off PowerSaver Mode. If I print 4 times/day, it has to wake up every time, using warm-up ink each time. I went to the Control Panel, Printer Setup, Printer Options, and there is no option for PowerSaver mode. What must I do to disable it?


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