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Re: I replaced the transfer belt cleaner

Xerox does a great job of making info like this easily attainable. I just went to their normal support site for this machine and typed in "reset supply counter"



The supply life counters must be reset when some supplies are replaced.

  1. Log in as the System Administrator or Key Operator. See the Related Content for additional information.
  2. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel. The Machine Status screen will be displayed.
  3. Select the [Tools] tab on the Touch Screen.
  4. Select the [Device Settings] button.
  5. Select [Supplies], and then under Features select [Supply Counter Reset].
  6. Select the required supply item, and then select [Reset Counter].
  7. Select [Reset] when the confirmation screen is displayed.
  8. Select [Close].
  9. Press the [Log In / Out] button on the Control Panel. The Logout screen will be displayed.
  10. Select the [Logout] button on the Touch Screen to exit.

I replaced the transfer belt cleaner

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

But the Workcenter 7545 doesn't believe me.


Replaced about a month ago but for the life of my I can't figure out where to reset the maintenance item so the copier knows it's been replaced.


Thanks for any help.