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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: IP printer protocol over fiber

It's a printer so it uses print protocols, is this some weird way to get to spam the Xerox forum with a link to a box that controls HD audio/Video? What possible reason could that device have any relation at all to a printer or basic networking?


What would the remote control panel have to do with printing? It is a web based interface to use the copier as if you were in front of it without leaving your PC, that's it. It won't be used for print, but the answer to the protocol is SSL , port is randomized and the software is JAVA


As for protocols, pick one:

IPP / LPR / LPD / RAW / WSD / Bonjour / Appletalk


The box you hook it to doesn't matter,  if it supports IPv4 or IPv6 networking standards it should work, but so will a $5 switch bought from a bargain bin, which would leave you much better off.

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Joe Arseneau
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IP printer protocol over fiber

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Hello, I  have available singlemode fiber cable in the building and sdi over fiber extenders with ethernet channel available , I just wonder what protocol xerox printers use for remote control, so I could try to use Ethernet channel to transfer documents to printer over existing fiber cable.

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