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Re: Image Options, Print Quality & Color Correcting HELP! Versalink C400

Hi Cathryn,

Please see the answer to your other post.  If you need additional assistance please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Image Options, Print Quality & Color Correcting HELP! Versalink C400

Product Name: VersaLink C400 Color Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


So I have installed already:

  • the very 1st Driver listed on the List (right under the header "Drivers"). The file is located on the site, on the "VersaLink C400 Color Printer Support & Drivers" page. It's labeled "Xerox Smart Start..."

I also have installed:

  • the 1st file listed under the header "Utilities & Applications" labeled as "Xerox Desktop Print Exp...".

The drivers work perfectly fine and they do their job. BUT, I'm pretty disappointed, as there is only 4 Image Options to select from: Xerox Automatic Color, Vivid RGB, Commercial and None.

Moving us to here: I'm having color print issues. I've already read the User Manual and that's what is bringing me to ask this question:

I wondered if I need to download any other drivers or anything, in addition to these, because here is my main issue:

I want to install (specifically) 2 other Image Options- LCD & sRGB. But they don't show up in my Image Options, so I wondered if they are on another driver. I say that because I read the "Xerox VersaLink C400 Color Printer User Guide" and it states on page 84, under "Image Options", that although "not all options listed are supported on all printers" ... "some options apply only to a specific... configuration, operating system, or driver type." That leads me to believe that those Image Options could possibly, maybe, be available for download in another driver, etc. 

So can someone help me PLEASE?! I'm going crazy trying to fix the color output and quality! I've read the User Guide front to back and have tried everything! I'm hoping that, for example, the LCD setting could help because it says it approximately matches the colors in the print job to the colors used by your computer monitor display screen. That would definitely solve my problem! But I can't figure this out! I'm stuck :(

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