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Instructions for getting Xerox B210 on WiFi on a Mac or Linux without a driver

Product Name: Xerox B210
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hi all,

This puzzled me for a while, and I see a lot of angry B210 owners out there thinking that you can't get a B210 on WiFi without Windows. I thought I would post this in case it can help someone else out. No question here, just a solution :)

This setup doesn't require any locally installed drivers at all.

In a nutshell, you need to connect the printer to your wired network (LAN / Ethernet), tell the printer to recognize the wired network, then log in through your web browser to set the wireless settings.

In detail:

* Get an Ethernet cable (Cat5)
* Plug Cat5 from printer into your router or wifi access point (this is probably the box that has antennae for WiFi)
* Hold down WPS button (second from top) on the printer for 2 seconds
* Wait a few minutes until blinking stops
* Now it's on your network! If your goal is to get it on the LAN, you're done

To get it on WiFi:
* Press red button for 2 seconds to get a status printout
* Find IP address under Network Setup > TCP/IP Settings
* Type that address into the address bar on your laptop
* Change the default password, which is the serial number, to something unique and write it down somewhere
* Log in with the username admin and password you just set
* Go to Properties > Connectivity > Protocols > Wireless Setup > Edit Settings
* Click Search Available to find your network
* It will ask for a log in; use admin / password again
* Choose your network
* Put in your *network* password in Security Key or Passphrase
* It will pop up asking for username and password, put in admin and printer password
* Click Restart Connection

You can unplug the Ethernet cable now, your printer is on the network. If you have a Mac, you should be able to find it by going to Settings > Printers & Scanners, clicking the +, and selecting the B210 when it pops up.


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Re: Instructions for getting Xerox B210 on WiFi on a Mac or Linux without a driver

Thanks for providing this information I am sure it will help others. 

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