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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Jam that blocks even man unit

I supposed you have checked to see if there is or not a jammed paper on the right side of the machine (at the exit or in the inverter module. Take a look with a light source inside the machine, eventually remove the black covers of the drawer (tray)

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Jam that blocks even man unit

Product Name: Xerox Color C75 Press
Operating System: Windows 7
Hi all was alerted by my staff of a paper jam on the machine.
When opening the door we realise we can't pull the tray out but just about 6 inches no more.
We aren't sure what could cause a jam like this. Most of the pressure seems to be in the right side and you don't even hear a sound as if it's paper and you can hear it tearing.
Anyone else experience something like this?
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