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mbsmartt New Member
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Looking for a service person to come onsite - Ocean County, NJ

Product Name: ColorQube 8700
Operating System: Windows 7

We are a non-profit organization and we were given a ColorQube 8700. We need a service person to come look at the printer - error message - foreign ink, it's not. We are in Ocean County, NJ, the local Xerox folks don't service the ColorQube any more.

Any leads for a service person to come to our site would be very helpful!

Thank you!

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Looking for a service person to come onsite - Ocean County, NJ

The difference is the chip inside of them. There are three chips. The chip identifies the machines contract type, clearly you got toner /solid ink that does not match the printer. 

The devices are programmed to use whatever was loaded first. So if they were on a Metered contract and got a Metered cartridge to put in, which made it a metered machine. The Only way to convert it back is with a special cartridge that resets the chip inside, and then load a non-metered toner to convert it to "Sold". A Xerox tech can do this, it is not free of course. There are some devices, not sure on yours, that can be changed with a code, but the code must be obtained from Xerox, it won't be free.

#1 - " SOLD/ Regular " - You own this machine. No Contract. No DMO/Dmoso.

#2 - " Metered " - Cost per Copy, Renting Machine, Contract with Xerox

#3 - " DMO, Dmoso " - includes the marketing, sales and servicing of Xerox products, supplies, and services in (Latin America, Mexico, Brazil) the Middle East, India, Eurasia and Central-Eastern Europe (Russia area) and Africa.


If you happened to get the wrong toner from Xerox they will take it back and send you the right one with no issues. If you bought it from a 3rd party I wouldn't know your options on a return.

My guess here is that you are in one region and probably ordered from another region online, often this is the case inside Europe for instance as things like the VAT drastically change the cost when buying local, American consumers often get Chinese toner from places like eBay, which again, doesn't work.

This isn't a new thing, and it isn't just Xerox

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Technical Escalation User DavidX28897-xrx
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Re: Looking for a service person to come onsite - Ocean County, NJ

Xerox still supports them though it maybe through 3rd party in your area. Xerox should still be able to generate a service call for you. The config page will tell what type of ink sticks go in machine (sold vs meteted)

It is the shape of the ink stick that the machine detects to determine if its a metered vs sold when you drop it in the ink loader
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