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Low page counts

Product Name: Xerox B230 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

We started buying the Xerox B230, B310, C230, and C310 printers and they all suffer from similar problems, low page counts.

Every one of these printers has run out of toner before printing more than 200 pages, some are now on their second or third toner cartridge and still low page counts.

One printer had a waste toner failure a week after we set it up.

One died outright a month after we set it up.

These printers may not be very expensive, but they fail so often, and use so much toner that we're switching brands away from Xerox which is very distressing.  We've been buying Xerox printers for almost twenty  years.

I've complained to my vendors that I will no longer buy Xerox printers, and with the issues we've had with these current models of printers since last year, I won't recommend Xerox to others.

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