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Scooty514 New Member
New Member

New Phaser 6510/DNI feeding paper improperly

I have owned a Phaser 6510 for about 30 minutes.  The paper does not feed entirely through the top.  It gets about 7/8's of the way and stops.  If I am present to pull it through, it does not report a jamming error.  If I am not there, it reports that the printer is jammed.  I have not printed one letter sized piece of paper properly tonight.  Any thoughts?  There is no paper mismatch.  

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gabiene Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: New Phaser 6510/DNI feeding paper improperly


Take a look at the attached pictures. Maybe you have the same issue. The lower roller must be in upward position. Their role is to drive the paper to output.

Many thanks to my friend Edy for the pictures.

Good luck!



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