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Re: 8560MFP Printing "splotches" and streaks

Hi tom8560MFP,

Welcome to the Forums! Thank You for posting the answer to your question. This could help others in the future who have this same problem.

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Re: 8560MFP Printing "splotches" and streaks

PROBLEM SOLVED!!!  It was a jammed "Cleaning Page" that was all inked up and stuck to the drum - YET IT STILL PRINTED! 

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PROBLEM SOLVED: 8560MFP Printing "splotches" and streaks

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Is there a simple fix for this?  Do I need service or is it something I can fix myself?

  • 8560MFP purchased new, 23K pages - Love this printer!
  • We use at home for homework, reports, pictures, etc. Not a business.
  • I am not using Xerox supplies and haven't since new - using LD (i know that's probably the reason I am having this problem, but knowing that doesn't fix it)
  • Print quality has suddenly become horrible. Streaks, splotches, etc. Literally overnight.
  • I emptied the waste tray - not much in it really.
  • I cleaned the strip on the mainentance kit and ran the "light streak" routine.
  • This has not fixed or improved the situation.

Here are print samples:


Black Text:


I don't know if it's a "cleaning" issue or a "you need a new printhead" issue.

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