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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Paper Jam in Door A


From the Fault History can you provide some fault codes?



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Paper Jam in Door A

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855

We have two WorkCentre 7845 Multifunction printers in our workplace. One works fine, the other is constantly jamming in the exact same way each time. The screen says "Clear jam in printer left side middle door" then gives the instructions to open door A and clear the paper in A1.

We end up having to pull out paper that is all wrinkled like an accordian. If we open paper Tray 3 when there's a jam, there is always a piece of paper that's wrinkled up down there as well. Occasionally it'll ask us to clear paper out of door C, along with door A.

We've had multiple repair people come to look at it, and they tell us that because it didn't jam when they were there, they couldn't see a problem, or they tell us that we're overfilling the paper and that's why the paper gets wrinkled in Tray 3 and therefore that's what's causing the jam in A. I have specifically checked the paper tray before printing a large project and it is not overfilled, and it still jams. It'll print maybe 10 sheets and then starts jamming every 3-5 sheets. The type of paper works fine on the other printer, so I don't think it's the paper.

We're printing from either Nitro PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher. It tends to jam the most when it's a project where we're printing multiple copies of a document that has a lot of pages in each copy.

Please help!!

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