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Re: Papers are not picked up from the tray. - Xerox 6505DN

I don't think that's the problem if you are referring to the bottom roller I have pictured. I cleaned it with water dried it, no changes at all but when moving it around with hand it turns sluggishly.

Is this the normal behaviour or it should turn easily and rapidly? If the later is the case I can still try to put some grease inside the roller.


It is not easy for me in Europe to buy these parts so if I can fix it myself I will.



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Re: Papers are not picked up from the tray. - Xerox 6505DN

Hello FeralDruid,

It could be the separator roller that needs to be replaced.

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Papers are not picked up from the tray. - Xerox 6505DN

Product Name: WorkCentre 6505



I trying to repair a 6505DN, the only problem with it is that it cannot pickup the papers from the bottom tray.



I try to move around that roller by hand (pictured) moves a bit sluggishly, not sure if that's the problem here. Taking apart this printer to have access to the feeder part at the bottom seems to be a major pain so I rather not taking it apart if I don't have to.

So when I try to print from the tray I get paperjam remove front cover but the paper is not even sucked in there its just sitting in the tray. I can see a bit of a black powder residue on the paper (dont know if this helps).

If I use the manual print feed slot in the front it works fine, but who want to use that really to feed in pages 1 by 1?


Any ideas how can I fix this myself?



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