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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 3600 network interface problem

Hello Alfred,


Try the following and let me know what happens.


1. Print a Configuration Page and check the TCP/IP settings for the printer.

2. If the TCP/IP settings listed on the Configuration Page are correct, power OFF the printer for 30 seconds, then power ON.
3. Send another ping request. Ping the actual TCP/IP address, not the DNS (Domain Name Service) name. Some hosts will cache the DNS information and produce inconsistent results.
4. If the ping command continues to time out, disconnect the printer from the network. Try the ping command again to check for a duplicate TCP/IP address. If the ping command returns with a reply after the printer has been removed from the network, the duplicate TCP/IP address needs to be resolved. Contact your System Administrator or network consultant for additional assistance.
5. Check the activity of the receive and transmit lights near the printer's Ethernet connection. If there is no activity, it typically indicates a problem with the network cable or port the printer is plugged into.
6. If there is no activity on either light, and the cable and port is known to be working, there might be a problem with the printer's network port. If this is the case, Contact Support for additional assistance.

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New Member
New Member

Phaser 3600 network interface problem

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I would like to receive instructions to fix a network interface problem.


A Phaser 3600 printer, run all the self test funtions; this means, it can print the configuration, print map, demo.... The printer accept to configure the IPv4 parameters (IP-Mask- Gateway), but the printer can not connect the network.

In order to check this printer, I used a valid "IP set" that was configured on a similar Phaser 3600 (obviously I disconnected the reference printer from the network). but the results are the same , the bad printer no respond to pings and the print jobs hangs....

Please let me know which is the problems and how and where could I order replacement parts. Thank you






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