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Phaser 3635: wrong service manual??


A month ago I ordered "Exit roll" for my phaser 3635. According to the Service Manual it's Part Number is 022N02344 (see first picture). Some days ago I recieved the order, and found there completely another part (see picture 3). In fact, it was just one part of "Idler assembly" which should have part number "130N01531". My supplier gave me another version of Service Manual (see picture 2) where the same part numbers belongs to another parts: 022N02344 was "Exit roll" and became "Idler assembly"; 130N01531 was "Idler assembly" and becaame "Thermistor 1". Many examples like this on other pages of the Service Manual.

Both Service Manuals are for Xerox Phaser 3635.

How is that possible? Which one is correct?









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Re: Phaser 3635: wrong service manual??

I have the same problem and there is no answers on the internet.

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