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Re: Phaser 6010 drum and other "standard" consumables



Thanks for the reply,

but I will have to disagree.


If you look here:


This is the toner of 6010.


This little cartridge cannot include the drum and fuser.



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Re: Phaser 6010 drum and other "standard" consumables

Xerox Agency Rep here,


The drums and cleaning units are actually built into the toner cartridges for this unit. Similar to the 3635 model. The only consumables for the 6010 are the toners. The 6010 comes with a one year Quick Exchange warranty that covers the unit in the event it does break down and needs repairs. You simply contact Xerox, Xerox sends you a new 6010, and you return the broken 6010 using the return packaging label provided.


Hopefully this clarifies for you.


Thanks for supporting Xerox!

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Phaser 6010 drum and other "standard" consumables

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



I saw that Xerox 6010 on some ads, and was intrigued.

I started looking for the printers consumables and saw only toner cartriges.


I know from past experience that Laser printers have at least a drum

or a transfer belt that have to be replaced every few thousand prints,
or even as a part of the toner cartridge itself.


My past experience also shows that these elements (Drum/Transfer Belt) are higly sensitive

to dust scratches and other Day-To-Day wear.


So my question is -

How come this printer does not have this part as a consumable ,

or user-replaceable part ?

Did Xerox overcome the wear and dust damages somehow ?

(how can that be possible ?)

Or - Is this part can only be serviced by a professional technician ?

If the latter is the case -

wat s the service cost for this maintenance procedure ?

And how often it has to be performed ?


Many thanks in advance.

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