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RichM Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Phaser 6010 roller part needed

Hi all! I have a Phaser 6010 that reported "paper jam - rear cover" but there were no signs of any paper stuck.

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW I noticed the left sideof the pinch roller was loose. And I could see the small black plastic part that its end was suppoed to sit in.

I carefully removed the unit's covers to get at the end of the pinch roller and get the small plastic part.

It seems the part must have broken because it no longer had the little wings that hold it in place.

6010 grommet.bmp

I need the parts list/explosion diagram for the Phaser 6010 so I can determine this part number.

Then I need to find out where to order this little item.

Please advise!

-Rich M. in CLE OH


ON EDIT: I think the grommet part is OK because I do not see any signs of stress on the plastic.

BUT I think there's a little SPRING that pushes on it to keep the pinch roller tight on the feed roller.

Anybody got this spring? Or where I can get one?

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RichM Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: Phaser 6010 roller part needed

OKAY! I found the spring near the bottom circuit board!

I was able to re-install it where it belongs.

6010 grommet + spring.jpg


So I put it all back together and turned it on.

But the front panel still reports "Jam at exit - open rear door"

Having taken all the covers off to find the spring I still do not see what could be causing this error as the paper path is completely void of any paper.

Could something be blocking the sensor? Or could the sensor be bad?

Is there a way to bypass the sensor (as a test) or do factory reset to clear the error?

Thanks in advance!

-Rich M in CLE OH

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RichM Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: Phaser 6010 roller part needed

Well well well! I took the unit apart again and found this tiny piece of paper stuck way up above the fuser assembly.

Printer back in service! YAY!


I still would like to get the parts list and parts diagram for this unit (we have several) and maybe the same for the Phaser 3250 as well (we have many). Sure would make diagnose/repair much easier. I also need a contact for where to order/purchase parts as needed.


Can anybody on this board provide these items?


Also, is there some "certified training" we might opt for so we can service all our Xerox units ourselves?


Thanks much!

-Rich M. in CLE OH

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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 6010 roller part needed

Hey you!


I did send you a private message regarding the part list.


Best Regards


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