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Phaser 6350DP USB Printing Problem

The following is a two-fold problem.  1) When I set up my 6350DP to print via Ethernet and install the Global Print Drivers, the printer will work fine for a while (A couple days to a couple of weeks).  Then all of a sudden it will not print and I get an error such as "Network Link Down" .  Because this printer is used in a home environment, I shut down my modem/gateway every night.  When I start up I always turn the gateway and printer on first, let it connect to the internet, and then turn on the computer.  I shut down in reverse order.  This usually works well for a while.  When the problem persists, I uninstall the drivers, remove the printer, and reinstall everything.  This seems to work.  2) My second option is to print via USB.  For many years, I utilized a wireless print server and the Xerox unit printed flawlessly.  I also could turn the printer on and off as I needed it.  Now that I try to print via a wired USB connection to a new computer with Windows 7, 64Bit, the printer will start, then shut-off immediately, then restart and begin printing blank and pages with gibberish until I cancel the job.  I have uninstalled and re-installed the USB drivers multiple times.  At one point I received a code 07 that said the laseer had failed, but I believe this to be an anomaly. 


Does anyone have any ideas as to why I am having so many problems with the USB port. It worked fine for the last 6 years.  It will print a TEST page and sometimes other requested pages before acting up, so the USB port is good.  Is it time for me to upgrade to a 6700?  I have spoke to Xerox customer support multiple times, but they have no level 2 support for my printer and level 1 support is sometimes worthless.

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Re: Phaser 6350DP USB Printing Problem


Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the Tutorial on Home Networking and see if any of that information will help your situation.  Also make sure you are installing the print driver correctly for the setup (network or USB) you are using.  I hope this information helps.   

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