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SprinTech-WI New Member
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Phaser 6360 RAM error

Hello folks,

We've got a custoemr's Phaser 6360 that is throwing a RAM error, we replaced the engine contol board (Manual said that was the culprit) the only other option I have is the Image Processor Board..... or something else... I could use any help on this one, I work on a lot of these but this one is being a real pain.... doesn't help it's at a site 3hrs to the north so that makes it fun!



Thanks! Chris

Sprinter Technologies

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gwinters New Member
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Re: Phaser 6360 RAM error

Did you ever get this fixed? I am having the same problem.

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Kimzi Valued Advisor
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Re: Phaser 6360 RAM error

Hi you!


Check that the RAM devices are making positive contact with their

1.Power off the printer.
2.Remove and re-install the RAM memory.

If the problem persists, use the following procedure to correct it.

■ SDRAM Memory, PL9.1.26
■ Image Processor Board, PL9.1.3
■ Print Engine Map 3- P/J Locator

1 Are there two DIMMs installed in the printer?
2 Determine Memory condition.
3. Power off the printer and remove one of the DIMMs.
4. Power on the printer.
Is a memory fault message displayed?
5. Power off the printer and remove the first DIMM.
6. Install the second DIMM and power on the printer.
7. Power off the printer and move the suspected defective DIMM to the other memory socket.
8. Power on the printer.
Does the DIMM fail in the new location? If so replace the DIMM, if not Replace the I/P board.


Best Regards


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gwinters New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser 6360 RAM error

Thanks! I was able to diagnose that it was one of the RAM sticks. 

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