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Re: Phaser 6360 - Replacement Paper Tray

Thank you Cheryl, but the feed rollers on the tray are not the problem.


I'm referring to the rollers on each side of the tray (they are connected to the metal plate that the paper sits on), they get lowered when you push the tray in and I believe there is supposed to be something (on the bottom of the printer, some kind of 'trip' or such) that will release them (and thus push the paper up and put some tension on it so they will contact the rollers that you pointed out).


Again thank you for trying to help.


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Re: Phaser 6360 - Replacement Paper Tray

Hi bps527,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solution for replacing the feed rollers.  You may not need to replace them but consider removing and reinstalling to make sure they are aligned properly.  If the issue continues please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Phaser 6360 - Replacement Paper Tray

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I have a Phaser 6360 that we had to replace the paper tray.


Apparently there is something wrong with either the tray or the slot it goes into.  The side rollers go down and then lock in the lowered position.  I'm guessing that there is supposed to be some kind of 'trip' or such that will release the rollers to put tension on the paper so it can feed, but this is not happening.  I looked at the unit to see if something was there, but not being familiar, I'm probably missing something.


Anyone that can tell me what I'm missing or what I need to do?


Thanks in advance for any/all assistance.


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