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TexasTony New Member
New Member

Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing

Hi guys, hoping somebody here has some guidance.


I've got a Phaser 6500 color laser printer, about 15,000 pages printer.  Print quality was bad so I got a new imaging unit, that helped.  Also got a new transfer belt.  That's where I am stumped, how do I swap this part out? 


It didn't have replacement instructions,and I can't seem to see the trick to getting the old one out from the pivot point at the bottom.  It looks like the metal pin on the toner side should move side to side.  On the opposite side is the driving gear & I don't see how to get that out either.  And of course the owners manual didn't have anything about changing it out either.  Any suggestions?  Otherwise it's been a great printer.



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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing

Hi you!


The reason why you cannot find any manuals on this is because an engineer is supposed to change the transfer belt on this machine, cause you will need to take it apart.


Removing both left and right cover, also using a screwdriver is needed on this machine to remove the transfer belt.

After removing the covers, and harness from the belt, unplugging the connector, pivot kit etc.


Best Regards


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usmhs New Member
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Re: Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing

After replacing the transfer belt you also need to reset the "Life DTB waste" parameter in the service menu parameter list (access service menu by holding down the up & down arrow keys while turning the printer on).

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Buser Member

Re: Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing

Hello everybody


Just changed transfer belt - machine was running with "transfer belt near the end of life"


got the same problem - and when I initialize "Life DTB wast" the counter does not go to zero but to 1.4M. and after restarting the machine the screen is blocked with "change transfer unit" massage Is theire a solution? Machine is  6505MFP at  60k prints;


Thank you in advance  

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Sebastien RINGUET New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing

I have the same on my printer.

I don't know what to do more ?


Help me please.



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nsitechnology New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing

I have 2x Phaser 6510, one with NVRam and other with broken transfer belt, i was thinking of moving the belt from the one with bad NVram to the other one, reading your posts and seeing you ran into issues in addition to not finding any documentation on how to disassmble the belt got me discouraged :(

Should i bother trying or its a waste of time?

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gabiene Frequent Advisor
Frequent Advisor

Re: Phaser 6500 Transfer belt changing


Your printer is a Phaser 6510 which is totally different form 6500. At your printer is much easier to replace the Transfer Belt. See your other post.



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