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Phaser 6510 - USB connection IP ADDRESS FAILED

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We have a Phaser 6510 connected to a desktop via USB cable. The auto-setup was used from the CD that came with the printer. The computer and printer are communicating and the computer sends jobs and indicates that the job is successfully completed. The printed, however displays 'IP ADDRESS FAILED' and does not print. I found in a previous post to go to Menu > Admin Menu > Network/Port > PrimaryNet Select, but the PrimaryNet Select option isn't shown. Any help that someone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Phaser 6510 - USB connection IP ADDRESS FAILED

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Just set the IP address on the printer to Static, doesn't matter what IP, just something, since you are not using the network it would appear, it simply can't find an IP address via DHCP, which is the defacto standard for just about any device, including this one.


@Xerox Support probably already sent those instructions, or soon will. But I will put them here too


Log on as admin and go to

Menu > Admin Menu > Network Port > TCP/IP Settings > Ethernet > Get IP Address > Static > IP Address


Since you don't have it on the network, the settings don't matter beyond needing to look real, so can be the IP qand the gateway. would be fine for the subnet mask





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