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Re: Phaser 6510 not coming out of sleep mode

Was there a viable solution to this? I'm running into the same issue as DrewTheGeek.
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Re: Phaser 6510 not coming out of sleep mode

Hello Drew,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please make sure you have set the sleep option correctly. Also check that the port is set correctly:

Click right on the print driver and click on „Printer Properties”

Click on "Ports” tab, click on "Add port”, select "Standard TCP/IP port” , click on "New port” and set printer  IP and in the next window click "Finish”.

After that click again on ''Ports'' tab click on "Configure port" and change from  RAW to LPR, at the Queue name write "lp" and be sure to uncheck "LPR Byte Counting Enable" and "SNMP Status Enabled".

If this does not help please try upgrading the firmware to the latest release

If none of this fixes the issue please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Phaser 6510 not coming out of sleep mode

Product Name: Phaser 6510
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Here are the facts:

Wi-fi is turned off. Printer is connected directly to Ethernet.

Reset back to factory defaults.

Printer will enter a suspend or sleep mode. Sending a job to the printer will not wake it up. Any combination of power button pressing doesn't do anything. I've tried everything from holding the power button down to hitting it several times in a row to any number of things I can think of. The only way to get the printer back on is to unplug it and wait.

I've fully uninstalled the printer from every computer in the house and then re-installed all the drivers etc. I even got the xerox app. I configured my router to assign the same IP address every time. I've tried setting the sleep timer to as far in the future as possible. It only gets used once or twice a week so it will sit for a day or two without use. 

So far, I haven't found anything to either stop it from sleeping at all, or to actually have it wake up.

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