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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Phaser 6700 Image Unit Failure

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Joe Arseneau

Re: Phaser 6700 Image Unit Failure



It seems the problem is related to the transfer belt that came with the Maintenance Kit.

I moved the transfer belt from the broken printer to the working printer and it works but prints black very very faintly

When I moved transfer belt from the working printer to the broken printer everything is perfect.

So my issue appears to be with the replacement transfer belt/maintenance kit.


If anyone has any tips please advise. All colors print fine but black is barely visible.

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Phaser 6700 Image Unit Failure

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I replaced the Maintenance Kit as we had a lot of quality issues. After installing new Kit the black print was super faint.

I used compressed air and a dry cloth to clean out the inside of the printer and also swapped the black imaging unit with another printer but still black ink was coming out very faint. I replaced the black imaging unit with a brand new one and also shook the black toner container.


After rebooting I'm getting error 392.673.01 - Black Imaging Unit failure. I've swapped the imaging unit with another printer and get the same message. The other printer doesn't have a problem with either of the black imaging units.

I have no idea what the problem could be but it's not the black imaging unit as I've tried 3 different ones.


Please help if you have any ideas. This is an expensive printer for our office and right now it feels like I broke it. 

Thanks in advance!



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