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Phaser 6700 toner and imaging units all show 0%

New Xerox Phaser 6700, less than 3 weeks out of the box.  All toner and imaging units show 0 pages remaining.


Current meter is under 100 pages.


I've shaken, cleaned, removed, re-seated every component I can, power cycled several times.  I recall a few weeks ago this same printer showed all the new toner cartridges were empty when I first opened and installed the printer, but a good shake seemed to fix that issue.  I did not, at the time, check the imaging units since all seemed well.  But now they're all set back to 0% remaining.


I understand the toner that ships with the printer is a starter bottle, but I bought 4 of these and the other printers are fine, and starter toner doesn't explain the imaging units also showing as 0 pages remaining.


One additional item:  the date installed on the imaging units is 2/12/2106.  the date on the toner bottles is 1/1/1970.  Not sure what that may indicate.

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Re: Phaser 6700 toner and imaging units all show 0%

Call Xerox, its under warranty.

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Joe Arseneau
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