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MGittins New Member
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Phaser 7760dx netowrking and language issues

Hello community support forum. I have a seriously tempermental printer on my hands.


The model in question is a 7760dx. It was handed down to us from the division that previously inhabited our offices. We run the printers in this part of the building through a seperate network than the regular office pool but this has never been a problem before.


To start, the display on the printer is blank. It powers on with the unit, the backlight is bright and VERY VERY intermittantly (say for a few seconds at MOST at a time) it will display characters but over all it is blank, so I've been navigating the hardware menus with a luckily printed menu map.


So our admin tried to instal it onto the server as a network printer, but no-go. It recognised the device (or at least that there was a device on that port and at the appropriate IP) but upon installing the driver and attempting to print a test page it gave us an error for the job in que.


It has fallen to me to instal this printer as a local device and get a single test page to print but I have been unable to do so as of yet. Yesterday, Itried installing each driver version available and the computer now recognizes the device as Off and Offline at the same time.


This morning I came into work to discover that it had surreptitiously changed its primary language to Spanish. We can connect to the printer via its IP but the web interface is also now in spanish. The only way to change it's language is on the device itself. I believe I am navigating to the correct option but it will not change itself back to english.


TLDR: 7760dx is not recognized over the network when installing as a network or local device, display will not display, and the language cannot be changed from spanish.


Any suggestions you can give me would be very appreciated, I have run out of ideas.

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MGittins New Member
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Re: Phaser 7760dx netowrking and language issues

Just as an update, I was able to return the language to english. The printer says its offline, and that the computer says its off entirely. The major error on the web interface is that the 3rd imagin unit is dead. Would that casue the issues im seeing? I also discovered in my searching that a dead control board would account for A) the empty display and B)an improperly reported IMaging unit life.



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Kimzi Valued Advisor
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Re: Phaser 7760dx netowrking and language issues



The imaging unit could prevent you from printing, though if it says that the printer is offline it could also be several issues.

If you can get a hold of the imaging unit, try printing a testpage from Centreware if possible.



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