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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 8500 Error Code 11006 43:97210

Hello PST32,


The error code that you are describing is Error Code 11,006.43 (the number after the colon is the page count that the machine was at when the error occurred.)  I have included a link to the Phaser 8500 Knowledge Base where you can get the instructions to fix this issue.


After clicking on the link above, click on the second solution, "Reset the Printer to the Factory Defaults (NVRAM Reset)" and follow the instructions to fix this issue.  If this reset procedure does not resolve the issue, please call Xerox Customer Technical Support at 800.835.6100 and set up a service call.

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New Member

Phaser 8500 Error Code 11006 43:97210

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I keep getting the same error which is 11006 and 43:97210.  I have a Phaser 8500 printer.  So I go through the cycle of turning off the machine and then back on just to print a couple of pages, and the next morning the error is back up and I have to go through the same cycle?  Any idea what the issue might be?

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