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Phaser 8550 LCD panel replacement policy?

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Disclaimer: I am a European customer and since there is no European customer forum, I have to post here.


I have 2 Phasers, a 8550 and a 8500. The 8550 LCD display failed about a year ago and since the price for a replacement LCD control panel was too much for me (and still is), it is sitting idle in my office. I am praying everyday that the same doesn't happen to my 8500 too.


The LCD failure is the #1 support FAQ item for the 8550. Searching the web reveals plenty of potential evidence (see e.g.. and several posts) that the LCD failure is recognized by Xerox US as a "known issue" and subsequently US customers can call Tech Support and get replacement control panels free of charge.


I would appreciate very much if somebody could inform me whether such a policy truly exists in the USA, whether it could be extended to Europe, and if so, what steps I could take to apply for a replacement LCD panel.

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