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Re: Phaser 8560 07,010.43 :86318

Hey you!


The 7,007.49, 7,008.41, 7009.42, and 7,010.43 errors indicate that the
Printhead was unable to tilt normally on its axis. Possible causes include:
■ The printer was powered off in the middle of a cleaning cycle and the
Wiper Blade has frozen to the Printhead.
■ A Drum Maintenance Camshaft lobe is broken and holding the Drum
Maintenance Kit’s oil roller against the Drum when it should be retracted
to its home position.
■ Process Drive not being aligned correctly.
■ A damaged Printhead Restraint.
■ Ink spilled in the Roll Block preventing proper Printhead motion.
■ Ink or other debris under the Printhead preventing proper motion.
■ The Wiper Assembly not being aligned correctly or ink spilled in the wiper
■ The Head Tilt Gear not being homed correctly.
■ The X-Axis Motor nose cone not being installed correctly.
■ The ferrite torrid on the Printhead interface cable has slipped behind the
Printhead causing the Printhead to bind when it tilts backwards.
■ The black plastic shroud on the back of the Printhead is snapped off and
binding the Printhead when it tilts back.


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Phaser 8560 07,010.43 :86318

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I have seen other 07,010 posts but none with the number I received after the colon.   I am consitently getting paper jams and the machine keeps rebooting.  During the reboot, it makes an awful clunking noise as if gears are grinding.  From the other posts, it seemed like the tilthead.  Do the numbers I have after the colon indicate anything different?

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