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Re: Phaser 8560 - Add Black Ink error message

here is maybe some usefull info :


Out of Ink, Add Ink Message

In some situations, it may be necessary to print a few test pages or system pages to confirm a failure or repair or to check settings. In some cases, the machine will be out of ink and will not allow the machine to print these pages, and the customer may not have additional ink on hand. This workaround will allow you to print a small amount of pages before replacement ink is on hand and avoid an unnecessary additional trip.
Caution - This is intended for qualified technicians only and should not be shared with users. Failure to adhere to this procedure and running the printhead dry could cause unrepairable damage to the printhead.
Only perform this procedure if the following criteria are met;
 - There is AT LEAST one half of a stick of ink for each color.
 - The machine does not require a cleaning cycle to be performed, as this may empty the ink loader or print-head.
The ink low message is triggered when the plungers attached to the Ink Loader Door reach the ink low sensor flags. To de-actuate the ink load flags, open the Ink Load Door. This will result in a Close Top Cover message.
To clear the Close Top Cover message, press and hold the Top Cover Interlock Switch. This interlock looks like a black plastic finger sticking up from the clear plastic top of the Ink Loader chutes. It is located to the left of the yellow ink chute, just below the diagonal cut-outs in the Ink Chute cover, at the point where the Ink Low Level line is illustrated.

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Phaser 8560 - Add Black Ink error message

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Last week I installed a new maintenance kit.  Since doing that the printer displays "Add Black Ink".  The black ink is full.  I tried removing all the black ink and blowing it out with compressed air, but that hasn't helped.  Any suggestions?

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