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Re: Phaser 8560 Error 04,018.48:6036 - will not fully initialize (& absolutely will not print)

Hi David,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for the error code 04,018.18.  If these solutions do not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Phaser 8560 Error 04,018.48:6036 - will not fully initialize (& absolutely will not print)

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My printer now boots up to "Printer Error 04,018.48:6036" - Does anyone know what this means? I cannot find any reference to it on the web.


Here is how this started ...

My Phaser 8560 started having paper jams and would not pass a single sheet. It is my home printer, purchased new from Xerox in 2009, has less than 10,000 pages printed on it. I tried several things, including a power-down and reboot, but it continued to have paper jams. This was from Tray 2 (the drawer tray), but 99.99% of my printing is from Tray 1 (the pull-down tray - in which I keep 5.5"x8.5" statement size plain white paper & use for printing my recipes). The printer usually sits idle because I only print a couple of times each week - but when I do, I usually print up a 5-10 pages at a time. I rarely print out of the drawer (only a couple of pages, about 1 time/week). When I printed a recipe on the statement paper, it did not print. The display said it needed to print a cleaning page (IIRC) from Tray 2, but it was jammed. I almost never have paper jams, but I looked and found a page partially into the feed path. I pulled it back out, reset the paper in the tray, and closed the drawer, only to have the situation repeat, multiple times. I could not get the machine to turn off, so I pulled out the power cord. After a minute, I plugged it in, only to have the same process continue. This time, I was able to get the machine to shut down, but only after it said the overflow tray was locked & that I needed to shut the drawer and let it sit 5 minutes, which I did, with no change. It finally shut down and I let it sit there overnight. Today, I powered it back up and it went through the initialization process, eventually trying to print a page (the traditional start-up page, I presume) and gave me the error.


Printer Error 04,018.48:6036


If I knew what it meant, I could fix it (It may be my home printer, but I am an electronics tech who went through electronics design school and am perfectly capable of repairing just about any piece of electronic equipment.


If anyone has any information, an error code resource, etc., I would GREATLY appreciate the response!

THANK you!

David Labens

San Antonio, TX


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