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Questor1 New Member
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Phaser 8560 Pantone Color Calibration?

I have a color calibration problem with an 8560N Printer and my Win10 Laptop, where Pantone colors printed from the 8560N "Pantone Colors Pages" do not match the printed OEM Pantone Solid Uncoated Formula Guide. The 8560N printer has printed about 7,000 color pages since first installed in 2009 and the majority of use is via a TCP/IP v4 network address.


I have experienced the following:

1.) I only use OEM Xerox color sticks made for the 8650 Series and 3rd party color sticks have never been installed

2.) the printer has no problem with maintaining temperatures needed to melt these sticks correctly,

3.) I generally leave the 8650N on for 30 minutes before use so there is consistent internal temperature,

4.) no error messages appear on the 8650N info panel

5.) the printer has the latest Firmware version 1.3.7.P, and Poscript 3 v.3016.101 (11) installed with 8650N Driver v6.195.13.1

6.) The color shift I noticed is consistent between paper choice - I use 100 Brightness paper.

7.) I have tried reinstall the Software Drivers with the same color shift result


Even though the 8560 Printer sticks came from sealed Xerox packs, does the composition of the Color sticks change with time & would this affect the output colors? I have tried putting in new color sticks with no color change...


How can I adjust/fine tune these Pantone Color CMYK values on the 8650N Printer for use with my Pantone Color Chart?  Prior Community Forum posts suggest that a User could simply do this on Win7 by adjusting the 8650N printer driver properties and settings.  However, Win10 has changed how proprietary printer drivers like the Xerox 8650N are handled by the OS and the this Win7 color adjustment is no longer available... 


Should I use "PrintFix" software to suggest/create a custom ICC profile for the printer?  It seems to me that I will have to create a new and custom ICC profile for the 8650N Postscript driver to compensate for color shifts.  Pantone use to make a Software Kit  named PrintFix that would allow Users to print a color sheet on a printer, read the printed sheet into a color photospectromer that is part of the Kit, and then enable/create a custom ICC profile that could be installed for permanent changes.  I am not interested in using Xerox FreeFlow software because this 8560N printer is only used occasionally as a general office color printer.


Any constructive suggestions wouold be appreciated...

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Phaser 8560 Pantone Color Calibration?

Hi Questor1,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please consider downloading and using the Xerox Desktop Print Experience Application which adds some color adjustment functionality.  If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance. 

Community Manager

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Questor1 New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser 8560 Pantone Color Calibration?

Hi Cheryl and thanks for the reply,


You suggested that I install the  Xerox Desktop Print Experience Application on my Laptop to enable better calibration/coordination of Pantone colors with my Phaser 8560N.


However, this URL Link only leads to a 64-bit Application and my Laptop is currently setup for Win32... As a result, the 64-bit App will not install on my Win10 32-bit Laptop and I receive a "Installation Package is not supported by this Processor type" message.


Question 1: is the  Xerox Desktop Print Experience Application only for a 64-bit OS, or else is a 32-bit App available?  Did you send me the wrong Link address?  I would hate to call Xerox Support Centre/Tech Support and be charged $25 only to hear that  Xerox Desktop Print Experience Application is only for a 64-bit OS and I had wasted my money...


Question 2: Could you please check my Forum default settings to verify I should be receiving forwarded email responses to my posts?  When I signed up for Community Forums email notification when a Member responds to my posts, I requested that I receive an email update sent to my personal email address.  I may have missed it, but it seems I did not receive notification you had responded to my post... 


Thanks for reviewing my questions and I look forward to your response!


Thanks, Steve

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Phaser 8560 Pantone Color Calibration?

Answer 1:

The link she provided had x64 right in the address, all you need to do is go to yourself and it would have just shown you the right download, for simplicity sake the link directly to the x86 version is here


Answer 2.

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