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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 8560 System Error 08,045.43:133222

Hello wheresjack,


If you are certain that there are no little scraps of paper left behind in the paper path in your machine, and you are still receiving errors, then you'll have schedule a service call.  Sometimes, when there is a paper jam in the machine and a sheet rips while you are trying to remove it, a little tiny piece of paper can get caught on a sensor and create a fault condition.  This is very frustrating because you can't see the little piece of paper that is keeping the sensor activated.  If you're sure that any previous paper jams were cleared and the paper that was removed was the entire sheet or sheets, then something else has happened and will require a service technician to resolve.



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Phaser 8560 System Error 08,045.43:133222

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Hello Everyone,


Does anyone have any clues about what this error code might be?  I have located the 08,045.43 portion of the code here:

However, there is no paper jam anywhere, and turning it off and on does nothing.  I even left it off overnight. . .


I usually have trouble whenever I run the 'Remove White Stripes" function.  It goes through all of the cleaning, etc., but then ends the whole process with an error code.  I shut it down and leave it off overnight, then bring it back up in the AM, and all is well. 


Didn't happen that way this time, tho. 


Any insight into what may need to be done is greatly appreciated!


Kind Regards,



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