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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Phaser 8560 error "07,010.43:103113"

that could  be a bad process drive, but these are the things I check first before replacing parts, the drum maintainance camshaft, make sure the cams on the shaft is not stripped or cracked, check the printhead tilt gear, remove it an check for physical crack expecially around the shaft, also make sure the timing of the process drive, tilt gear and the are correct when reinstall


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Phaser 8560 error "07,010.43:103113"

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Recently started getting this error:


“Printer Phaser 8560DN-1 (8th Floor) (FBT145235) Error: 07,010.43:103113, Printer Error. Contact Service and report this fault code. Printing is disabled.”


Does anyone know what is means or how to fix it?





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