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Re: Phaser 8560DN Error Code 13,264.42:104559

It lists the error code as "13,264.42: The Printhead reservoir heater got too hot."

The recommended procedure is as follows:

1. Check that the ambient room temperature is within specifications (see “Environmental Specifications” on page 1-12). Is the room too cold or too hot?
2. Ensure ground integrity (see “Ensuring Ground Integrity” on page 4-65). Are all components grounded properly?
3. Run the Printhead Reservoir Temperature
test. Did the test pass?
4. Check and reseat all wiring to the Printhead. Did this correct the problem?


Any advice on how to run the printhead reservoir temperature would be greatly appreciated.

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Phaser 8560DN Error Code 13,264.42:104559

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



I receive the error code "13,264.42:104559" on my Phaser 8560 after replacing the memory. The memory had to be replaced after receiving "RAM error". As far as I can tell the new memory was inserted correctly and with the correct type of memory.


Any information about this error code would be greatly appreciated.



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