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Phaser 8560MFP Hard Drive Error 36.1



I have a Phaser 8560MFP I purchased about two years ago.  One day the power went out and when it powered back on the printer gave a 36.1 Hard Drive Error.  It will not power up past the hard drive test.  I realize I am past the warranty period.  I have since purchased a used hard Drive from the exact printer from ebay.  Upon replacing the drive in my printer and powering on the printer gave the exact same error.  Luckily the ebay seller accepted the return as I thought it was just another bad drive.


Last week I purchased a drive that was refurbished by Xerox for my 8560MFP so I figured this will work.  I powered the printer on and it gave the exact same error.  I now suspect something else has gone wrong.  I wonder if the experts at Xerox can give me some ideas?  I am an advanced computer Tech.  I have worked on the 8400's, 8550's etc replacing ink heads and drums as well as other ailments.  I have no problem working on my own printer since it is out of warranty.


I feel I have supported Xerox for years I have used your color laser (also Tektronix) products exclusively for nearly 10 years.  I hope you guys can throw me a bone and give me an idea what's going wrong and please do not say I need to replace the entire electronics module.  That's like replacing an engine for a failed spark plug.  I could not afford a $500 hard drive and now that I've purchased TWO hard drives I certainly cannot afford a new electronics module.

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Xerox Employee JohnM-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 8560MFP Hard Drive Error 36.1

Hello LightFlightDave,


We think that the power failure in your building may have caused damage to the power supply in your machine which in-turn is now causing the 36.1 fault that you are seeing.  The power failure could have damaged the power supply or some other component that is now shorting the power supply.

On the 8560MFP, the HDD is one of the first components the machine tests when booting up, so many times a power short, or power supply issue that affects the HDD can cause the 36.1 fault rather than a power supply fault.

So, if you can find a replacement power supply (known/tested to be good) then you may be able to resolve the issue.  That is our best guess!  I hope this helps!



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tdowis New Member
New Member

Re: Phaser 8560MFP Hard Drive Error 36.1

did you get any resolve on your error? I have the exact same error, I didn't get a replacement hard drive, but I did pull the drive and test it and it tests out good, and still has all the system files on it. 

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