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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Possible problems after replacing transfer unit


6280 is an old printer and if is not it will be soon End of Service, this means in the next future you will not find parts and consumables, so it doesn't worth to spend money with this type of printer.



Possible problems after replacing transfer unit

Product Name: Phaser 6280
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Recently I found a Phaser 6280 that someone in our apartment complex threw out. I plugged it in and it said to insert the transfer unit. I contacted the dealer whose label was on it and the owner told me that I should have them replace the unit ($275), clean it up, and sell it as it is a high-end printer that's more advanced than the printers I have used. Sounded good at first but I checked around and I probably couldn't get more than $300 for it and when I called them back I was told that they would charge $75 to pick it up and evaluate it and $75/hour to clean it. I gave them the serial number and they claimed they also had no records on it! Xerox said it was made in 2008 and show it was maintained by them up until 2013. Another delaer promised to evaluate it for free but reneged on that when I came by. It's pretty clean inside out and out. A friend of mine who used to work on Xerox machines told me that, beyond the transfer unit, there could be problems with the drum, rollers, and such. I can get a transfer unit for $60 and since I'm starting a business I thought I would keep the printer if It wouldn't take much fixing up. So my question is what possible problems should I look for before I spend any money on the transfer unit? Thanks so much.

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