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alan.frth Contributor

Printer shutting down

Product Name: VersaLink C7030
Operating System: Not Applicable

Good afternoon all,

I have a VersaLink C7030 that shuts itself down. The users report that when they try to print they get a "printer offline" message, go into the room where the printer lives and find that the glowing power button is indeed not glowing but off. They then have to hard-start the machine. This has happened since the machine was delivered about 10 days ago.The plug has been tested with a VOM and voltage is good. Lights in the room are controlled over ethernet and turn off after a period of time. With the lights turned manually off the circuit/power for the printer shows good.

I've changed with the power configuration as follows:

1. Low Power Timeout = 30   2. Sleep Timeout = 30

2. Low Power Timeout = 0   2. Sleep Timeout = 60 

1. Low Power Timeout = 60   2. Sleep Timeout = 0   (current config)

Auto Power Mode = OFF for all configurations

Done a little research and found that the NIC and or a circuit board may have been jostled loose in transport to our location. If no solution suggested works will have authorized tech come out and have a look.


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Technical Escalation User DavidX28897-xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: Printer shutting down

Have tech reseat ui ribbon cable
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alan.frth Contributor

Re: Printer shutting down

Hi David,

I'll pass that along to my supervisor. Appreciate your time! Will report back with what he finds.

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