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Re: Printer won't take ink


check this post 


and let me advice you first to be sure about the current region code for your machine and depend on that you can go further if you need to reset the region code or not " you need to contact xerox  " and the 2nd advice is to add ink only when the machine request ink and DON'T add it to the Ink Loader when the machine is off at all ;if you did remove the ink stikcs and power on the machine and reinstall it once the printer asked.


Printer won't take ink

Product Name: ColorQube 8580
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hi everyone.

I got a box of metered Ink. Code 108R00949. 4 sticks of black toner.

My xerox 8580 won't take it, it will fit the slot but the gate won't let the stick slide inside. And the printer give me a error message that i inserted the wrong kind of toner.

I live in US and the Ink stick region I found on usage report is neutral. What should I do now ? 

Thank you 

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