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Remote Technical Support User
Remote Technical Support User

Re: Printing reports on workcentre 7435



The answer depends upon if you are using the built in auditron or Xerox standard accounting.  For the auditron, do the following:


1.Login as the System Administrator or Key Operator.

2.Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel. The Machine Status screen will be displayed.
3.Select the [Tools] tab on the Touch Screen.
4.Select the [Accounting] button.
5.Select the [Reset User Accounts] option from the Groups section. The Reset User Accounts screen will be displayed.
6.Select the [Print the Auditron Report] button.  The report will print.

NOTE: Depending on the features being tracked, the report may be multiple pages.

7.Select the [Close] button.
8.Press the [Log In / Out] button on the Control Panel. An "Are you sure you want to logout?" message will be displayed.
9.Select the [Logout] button on the Touch Screen.


If this is not the report you desire, please let me know.





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Printing reports on workcentre 7435

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We have a Xerox workcentre 7435, we all have been assigned codes to use when making copies and printing. Now the lady who got the printing reports which is how many prints per code. However she has left the company along with all that information with her. She is also not answering her cell.


How would I go about getting that information on the machine?

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