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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Problem with the Y-Axis motion sub-system

Cause:5,004.44 faults are most commonly caused by a slipping Y-Axis belt or
faulty Y-Axis Motor or Drum Assembly. In some cases, these failures have been
found to be caused by excessive oil contaminating the Drum pulley, Y-Axis Belt,
and Y-Axis Motor, causing belt slippage.
Likely sources for oil contamination may include;
1). An improperly stored or mishandled Maintenance Kit, causing excessive oil to
spill from the Maintenance Kit roller and housing.
2). A faulty Drum Assembly - In some cases the oil saturated drum shaft bearings
can be overly saturated with oil during manufacturing. Oil from the Drum bearing
can contaminate the Y-Axis encoder disk, causing blurry prints, and in some
cases can reach the Y-Axis Belt, causing the belt to slip.



Inspect the Drum Pulley, Y-Axis Belt, and Y-Axis Motor for oil contamination.
Motor and Pulley can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. If the Belt is
contaminated with oil, the Belt should be replaced.
If Drum Assembly is found to be the source of the oil, Drum Assembly should be

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Joe Arseneau
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Problem with the Y-Axis motion sub-system

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My printer was coming up with an error a month ago and then suddenly it started working again, well it's back to not working.  I'm coming up with the error "Problem with the Y-Axis motion sub-system"  I have a MFP 8560 and the full error code is: 05 004.44 132019.  I can't find any suggestions on what piece to replace first.  Can anyone give me any help or what the first step would be?

Thank you

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